Conqueror Cartagena handles an international diplomatic shipment for the first time

They successfully handled the special customs in Colombia within just two weeks

Ecologiscar, Conqueror member in Cartagena, Colombia, successfully executed an international diplomatic shipment for the first time. They moved the cargo which consisted of furniture in a standard 20 ft container from Leixões, Portugal, to Buenaventura, Colombia. "Diplomatic shipments necessitate special customs handling because an exemption letter is required," explains Mr. Edwin Alejandro Rendon, from Ecologiscar. "Moreover, these shipments are frequently subject to delays and to high storage and demurrage charges prior to getting released from customs. It could take even a month after cargo arrives at POD to get released from customs once you have all documents accordingly," he continues. Conqueror member in Cartagena- Ecologiscar Diplomatic shipment by Ecologiscar   Despite being their first diplomatic shipment, they managed to formalize the paperwork and move the shipment within less than two weeks. Mr. Rendon adds, "Now we learnt from this shipment how to proceed even faster and proactively for the next time on this kind of shipment." Their strategic alliances with port terminals, agents, and shipping companies through the management of their team of professionals are an important factor that allowed them to timely accomplish this sensitive project. Congratulations to Ecologiscar for a job well done!